10 Important Zombie Apocalypse Facts People Seem To Forget

Have you ever been watching a zombie apocalypse film or television series where you felt compelled to point out the oversights the survivors are making? You’ve got company. A Redditor recently asked, “What are some essential facts people seem to ignore if a zombie apocalypse ever did happen?” Most everyone agreed that you would be a zombie and not a survivor. Here are the best responses.

1. If You’re on Meds, You’re a Goner

Such-Reputation80 stated, “If you’re dependent on meds to keep you going, you’ll probably be the first to go.” Another user expressed, “I had a genuine fear growing up of a zombie apocalypse happening and being unable to see because I didn’t have enough contact lenses.”

Jig-A-Bobo replied to a user who admitted his back issues would cause him to be the first to bite the dust. They said, “I have my third back surgery in 18 months. So if the zombie apocalypse “Happens, I’m the first to go. But yeah, I’m the guy that takes the explosives and says, “It’s too late for me. Go. Goooo!!!!”. Then as the boys make their escape, you hear a loud explosion, and their tracks are covered. For now.”

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2. Medical Supply Locations

Another user said, “The best place to get medical supplies will not be a hospital, drug store, or pharmacy. Those will all be looted. So instead, your best bet will be nursing homes and retirement villages.”

LBXZero argued, “Best bet would be a veterinarian’s office. Your average person would think an animal doctor’s office means all the stuff is for animals. However, they would have sufficiently similar medical supplies you would need in emergencies. For example, the surgical supplies are the same. The rubbing alcohol is the same.”

3. Basic Survival Skills

Redditor badb-crow shared, “A lot of people seem to forget every facet of survival that doesn’t involve killing zombies. Like, can you produce textiles? Sew? Know how to preserve food? If not, you’ll freeze and starve before the zombies get you.” They continued, “Yep. And you better start thinking seriously about where you’ll poo once the plumbing doesn’t work anymore if you don’t want to die of dysentery.”

Finally, a user expressed, “The amount of people in a societal collapse that would die from dysentery is notable. Not only do you have to protect your water supply, but those upstream of you do.”

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4. Population Hysteria

One Redditor expressed, “A third of the population will probably deny the existence of zombies, and another third will probably try to fight for ‘zombie rights’ because humanity as a whole is stupid.” Hateshinay joked, “Imagine fighting for zombie rights. ‘Hey, do not kill him. He needs some food; just offer your left arm, and we cool.”

5. The Difficulty in Killing Zombies

Another user said, “It depends on the kind of zombie. World War Z zombies? You’re screwed, sorry. Now, The Walking Dead zombies? One-on-one, while armed, I think you’d be ok. A Redditor stated, “How hard it would be for the average person even to try to kill one.” Other users agreed that it would prove more challenging than it appears. 

6. Islands

BrokenEye4945 replied, “Islands. Seriously, all you need to do is go to a remote or low-populated island only accessible by boat or rarely by plane, and you’ll be much safer. Do you think zombies have the brain power, energy, strength, and knowledge of how to swim or operate a boat?”

7. It Would Be Our Demise

One user responded, “After seeing how Covid spread and how people reacted, a zombie apocalypse would genuinely be our end. People would not quarantine, hide their bites, get bit on purpose to prove they could handle it, bite other people to not be alone in their misery, or call it a conspiracy when zombies are in front of their faces. I honestly have no hope for this kind of situation.”

8. Office Parks Have Supplies

A Redditor stated, “Office parks (group of buildings) will be the last place to get looted. But will have a surprising amount of over-the-counter medicine, vitamins, canned soup, coffee, and GNC protein powder.”

IceNFireThose argued., “Those things go quick in an abandoned building. We were not out of our offices for terribly long in 2020, and I went back in to get a few things, and mice had gotten into a BUNCH of desks and had ransacked any snacks people left behind. Office parks would be full of opportunistic rodents. You might find meds, but I bet the edible snack supply would disappear quickly.”

9. The Smell Factor

After many people suggested the smell would be atrocious and unbearable, a Redditor disagreed. They said, “You wouldn’t notice it after a week. Nose blindness is a thing. Smokers never realize how bad they smell until after they quit. You never know your parents’ house smells weird until you move out and come back to visit.” Still, others insisted there would be too much decaying for a nose to go completely blind.

10. Zombie Apocalypse Attire

Another user said, “Motorcycle riding clothes are the best clothes to wear. You cannot bite through all that armor and leather, not to mention a helmet.” Another user argued that denim fabric is best because it is impossible to bite through. So rocking a denim jacket underneath a leather jacket is your best chance at surviving an attempted biting.

What do you think? Did Reddit get it right, or is something missing from this list? Check out the best zombie movies to stream right now.

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