10 Luxurious Treats That Will Leave You Feeling Like a Queen

This may sound corny, but every day is a good day to celebrate women, and for women to celebrate themselves like it’s their birthday. Everyone knows a birthday is a perfect day to get out the special dress and get a nice gift without calculating the balance and judging yourself. And you’ve never gotten yourself a gift for your birthday, here’s your sign that you should.

Yes, there are bills and rising costs of living, but should you always ignore the urge to spoil yourself a little bit? I think not. At the risk of sounding entitled, there are things that every woman deserves, birthday or not.

If you’re a woman reading this, I’m sure you’d agree, and any man reading this should take some notes (why else are you here?).

1. A Small Flat Without Roommates

This may seem like a funny first option, but no truer words have been said. Nine times out of ten, roommates can make your home a personal dungeon. The worst part is, you’d have nowhere to run to, it is your home, too, after all.

Even if you decide to crash at a friend’s place, after a couple of days or weeks, you may start to feel unwelcome. The energy may change because no matter how close a friend is, hey, like most people, they want nobody invading their space. Women are even tougher to live with for a number of factors that deserve to be a different piece. So, yes, women deserve their personal little heavens.

2. Vacations

Catch flights, not feelings, they say. I mean, who doesn’t love the sound of vacations? Even people who claim to be introverts rarely turn to the idea of a trip. When it comes to vacations, the thrill is in the journey and the destination.

They may cost a lot of money (depending on the location), but they are always lots of fun. So, add it to the list of things to do this year.

3. Quality Clothes

Why look tacky when you can look “Sharpay Evans” fabulous? Come on!

Wearing quality clothes doesn’t mean that you have to rock designer labels 24/7 or break the bank for every single event. It just means that sometimes you invest a little more than you usually do in purchasing clothes that would last longer than a goldfish’s memory span. Also, at the end of the day, it’s always quality over quantity.

4. Skincare

Again, every woman deserves to look “fab” and dazzle even in their most natural state. I recently started a new skincare routine and have been all the rage about it lately because of how great my skin looks.

There are tons of benefits that good skincare provides, including boosting confidence levels. And yes, it is the easiest way to transform into an ageless vampire. Just ask Pharrell Williams.

5. Tattoos

While this may not be a “luxury”, some people think it is. I see tattoos as just another art form and a great way for one to be expressive, letting their inner angels (or demons) run wild.

It’s a controversial one, so not every woman may even want it. But as they say, the girls that get it, get it!

6. Hot Baths

Someone said, “A hot bath every few months. With nowadays heating costs and inflation, that’s as luxurious as I can get.” Haha!

A hot bath can be very relaxing, and trust me, women need every form of relaxation they can get, most of them playing multiple roles. Some days, it feels like the work is never-ending and there are newer, newer things to hate about being a woman. A hot bath just might be what you need to take the edge of.

7. Jewelry

Just as a dog is a man’s buddy, jewelry is a girl’s best friend. Don’t think about it, add that lovely gold set to the cart! And here’s a little tip for guys planning the next gift for their girlfriends, wives, or mothers: chip in some jewelry. You can never go wrong.

Well, most of the time.

8. Facials

I recently had a facial for the first time and, on my acne-prone skin with years of breakouts, you can imagine how many black/white heads I had.

It felt like the most painful thing on God’s green earth. However, after the whole process was done, it almost felt worth it. Bottom line: Get a facial, your skin would love you for it.

9. Perfume

Perfume is another girl’s addiction. Smelling good is good business, and everyone feels a little bit of pride when someone compliments them on their scent.

10. Concert Tickets

Yes, yes, yes. I imagine I would lose my mind if I got free tickets to Beyonce’s upcoming tour. Even Madonna’s would be a dream come true, because a girl can dream, eh? It’s one thing to listen to your favorite artists, it’s another to watch them perform live. It’s truly electric!

Do you think there are things that every Queen deserves that we left out? (Stares hypnotically.) Tell us.

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