10 Most Distinctive Voices in Music

The music industry is one that is steadily churning out new voices, new artists every day, and to stand out, singers have to display a certain level of virtuosity in their craft. Which is why, amidst the rubble of new and old musical artists, there are some voices that stand out, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. Sometimes, the songs aren’t even truly exceptional, but the unique vocals serve as a huge propeller for the music – a cheat, in my opinion.

Recently, a Redditor asked, “Name one of the most distinctive voices in music.”

“A singer who despite not knowing the song in particular you’d still know who it is just by their voice.”

Reddit has responded, and these are the singers with the most unique voices.

1. Björk

A Redditor said, “I wish I could remember the source, but years ago I read a review of one of her albums where the writer said that she ‘makes English sound like a foreign language.’ I still feel like that’s the best possible description of her singing style.”

“Before she learned English properly she sang songs in English using the International Phonetic Alphabet. Its one reason why she puts emphasis in weird places,” someone explained.

2. Layne Staley

“It is pretty unique and I always thought it was lightning in a bottle that he ended up in a band with another guy who’s voice blended well with his,” u/dong_tea said.

u/jbomber1 added, “No one sings like him anymore.”

3. Janis Joplin

“Came here to comment this, and surprised I had to scroll pretty far to find it. Her voice is instantly recognisable and so unique,” u/adapech said.

Janis Joplin was regarded as one of the most successful rock stars of her era. Her electric stage presence, personality, and uninhibited vocal style made her cultural icon, that till this day, inspires movements in rock music.

4. Jack Black

“One of the most underrated singers ever, dude literally couldn’t blow people’s heads with his voice,” a Redditor wrote.

Jack Black is also an American actor and comedian, famous for his roles in movies like High Fidelity (2000) and School of Rock (2003), so it’s not hard to see why his vocal skills may be overlooked. However, he is the lead vocalist of the Grammy Award-winning comedy rock duo Tenacious D, and though he isn’t considered a “serious” singer, his voice is pretty unique.

5. Lemmy Kilmister

“Wouldn’t call it distinctive, but it’s iconic for sure,” someone said.

Another replied, “I occasionally find myself walked around the house singing “Killed by Death.” I can almost imitate his voice if I clench my teeth really hard.”

6. Weird Al Yankovic

“I’ve never heard anyone else sound even a little bit like him, which makes me all the more baffled that so many people have misattributed various songs to him over the years just because they’re parodies or they’re funny. He’s the king of comedy music, but he doesn’t hold a monopoly on funny songs or even on parodies,” furrykef said.

7. Liam Gallagher

“Probably not the most but instantly recognizable,” a Redditor said.

u/Youareposthuman replied, “Liam should absolutely be top of this list. Voice unlike any other and a vocal delivery style that’s totally unique unto himself.”

8. Prince

Prince was an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who often insisted on playing the different instruments on his songs. To date, he is one of the most significant cultural icons in music. His remarkable style and eccentric androgynous nature were one of the plethora of reasons he remains one of the greatest musicians of all time.

His voice, of course, was one of his main superpowers. Prince’s vocal range was incredibly wide, his high-pitched screams and edgy vocals adding the flavor and creativity that permeated his lifestyle to his music.

9. Roger Taylor

u/bethie519 said, “An amazing, unique voice that just happened to end up in the same group as Freddie Mercury.”

Roger Taylor is an English singer-songwriter and the drummer for the rock band Queen. Taylor’s voice has been described as “highly impressive” and “operatic. He hit the famous fifth-octave high note on Queen’s hit song Bohemian Rhapsody.

10. Steven Tyler

Redditor u/guaip said, “I feel like most voices can at least be replicated at some level, but I don’t think anyone can get near his voice.”

Steven Tyler is the lead singer of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith, Due to his high vocal range, he was dubbed the “Demon of Screamin’” – that alone should convince anyone of his distinctive vocal prowess.

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