15 Things People Are Feeling About Donald Trump Officially Being Under Arrest

There’s no contesting that the internet has been buzzing since Donald Trump was officially indicted. After he pleaded “not guilty” to 34 felony counts, someone asked an online community, How is everyone feeling about Donald Trump officially being under arrest? Here is how the world is handling the news.

1. “Nobody Is Above The Law.”

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“Nobody is above the law” is a nice sentiment, but several people flooded the top commenter with arguing statements. For example, some are highly aware that people with money, in positions of power, athletes, and celebrities have continuously shown to be “above the law” and not reap what they sew so much as end up writing a check.

A user confirms that Donald Trump voluntarily walked into a courtroom unshackled, facing 34 felony indictments, and left without bail on a plane returning him to a state that refuses to extradite or assist in any way the same day. “I assure you, many people are above ‘the law.’”

2. “I’m Annoyed He’s In the News.”

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Numerous commenters lament that Donald Trump is back in the news, stating it’s “annoying.” They are ready to move on from hearing about him or seeing his face. My serious question to them is, when did he ever leave the news?

3. “Lock Them All Up!”

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Why stop at one lousy politician? That’s the consensus of many Americans in the thread who have had it with the system. One man states that Bush, Cheney, and Obama all “committed war crimes” and should be held accountable. They elaborate on their stance by saying Cheney and Bush went to war on a “lie.”

As a result, thousands of people perished. Then, Obama said he’d end the war but instead droned many innocent people under the guise of “collateral damage,” to which many replied, “Lock them all up!” Finally, one suggests “Launching Bill Clinton into the Sun” despite voting for him twice.

4. “Prison or Summer Camp?”

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One voter admits he “can’t envision a world where” Donald Trump spends any real time in prison, noting he’d probably stay at a medium-security prison-like Otisville. There are televisions (with him still on it), vending machines, and tennis courts.

Otisville even offers “A system where inmates can spend a week outside the prison with their families.” They further suggest he would likely spend his time on some fancy prison golf course during the day and posting to his Truth account at night.

5. “It’s Not a Big Deal.”

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Countless people admit it’s no big deal to them, elaborating that they would rather see him arrested for his phone call to Georgia officials telling them to “find him votes.”

6. “It’s a Political Play.”

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For many commenters, it feels like a political play based on the timing. Most politicians from both parties could receive worse charges, and one user believes the intentions are disingenuous in many ways. One explains that you can’t convince him that something like this coming up in the months leading into the subsequent presidential election campaigns doesn’t have the “primary motive of manipulation in mind.”

7. “He’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty!”

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Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? That’s what one man wants to know before expressing his utter disgust with this process. Countless others believe that this is a desperate attempt to pin anything they can on a “great leader.”

8. “It’s a Great Distraction.”

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It’s a great distraction as the dollar’s value continues to diminish and the RESTRICT Act gains momentum, suggests one. They further note, “It will amount to some fines at most and provide him with tons of support for his re-election.” Another adds, “It is a distraction. Something that the media will report and feed the public while the federal government does something shady in the background solidifying its power over its citizens.”

9. “What About Hunter Biden?”

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Still, numerous Americans are hung up on prosecuting Hunter Biden for his alleged “laptop crimes.” They find the system hypocritical in pursuing Donald Trump for things that allegedly happened before he was even the president while “ignoring” the “hard evidence” on Hunter’s computer.

10. “Didn’t Care Then. Don’t Care Now.”

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“Didn’t care then, don’t care now.” This individual continues that their life has plenty of its own problems, and none of them “are directly affected by Donald Trump.” Others rejoice in this sentiment, stating their lives go on with or without ever paying any attention to him.

11. “It’s Neoliberal Malarkey.”

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Countless Americans agree with the notion that it does nothing to help families struggling with insane inflation rates. Moreover, it does nothing to ensure medical care for all Americans. “It’s neoliberal malarkey.”

12. “He Will Face No Consequences for His Actions.”

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A common theme in the thread is that he will face no consequences for his actions, “As that would mean setting a precedent for future politicians to be held accountable for their actions.”

13. “I’m Elated and Smug!”

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Another standard response in the thread is overwhelming elation and joy. Countless Americans are celebrating what they believe to be a victory after all these years of dealing with him “getting away with everything.”

14. “It’s a Bit Anticlimactic.”

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Thousands of people feel underwhelmed by the charges, noting “he’s done way worse and continues to get away with it.” Nonetheless, they revel in this “small victory.”

15. “Where’s the Mug Shot?!”

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Finally, numerous Americans feel slided that they didn’t and will not receive a validating mug shot of Donald Trump. Others express annoyance that they didn’t see the former president in handcuffs. How are you handling the news of Donald Trump’s arrest?

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