Best Places to Visit in New York for a Sports Fan

Everyone has recommendations when you say that you are going to New York. You should catch the Staten Island Ferry to get the best views of the Statue of Liberty. Or check out the fast-gentrifying East Village before what made it alternative in the first place completely disappears.

Those kinds of trip ideas are popular, but there is another side to the most exciting city in the world that doesn’t always get talked up in travel supplements. New York City is a sports city. You cannot go a block without hearing the opinions on last night’s game.

With sports betting legal now, you can make the most of a Bovada SportsBook Review for your selections. But you can also follow this guide to some of the best sports-related activities in the city that never sleeps.

Catch a Game at Yankee Stadium

We know that there is more than one baseball club in New York City – and if you are a Mets fan, you might not be quite as keen to have anything to do with your big rivals. But the New York Yankees almost transcend the sport, meaning that a trip up to the Bronx to catch a game at Yankee Stadium should definitely be on your list.

Start the experience by riding to the stadium on the 4 train to mix with the fans and soak in the game day atmosphere. Once you arrive at Yankee Stadium, you can take in the grandeur of the place before watching the most successful team in the history of baseball do its stuff.

Take a Trip to Hoboken

This one might seem a little off base, but if you are a baseball fan, you may want to take a slight detour from the mean streets of Manhattan at some point in your trip. Hoboken was where the first ever organized baseball game took place. So if you want to drink in the history – head west.

You can easily take a taxi across the Hudson River to pitch up in Frank Sinatra’s old stomping ground and take a look at the monument that commemorates the city as the home of baseball. You don’t have to rush back to New York City, so why not see if there’s still a good Italian restaurant in town?

Tailgate at the MetLife Stadium

Although this one requires another trip out to New Jersey, it still counts as a New York experience. The MetLife Stadium is home to both the New York Jets and Giants of the NFL. A half-hour train ride out of Penn Station will get you to Rutherford – and that’s when the tailgating begins.

You don’t need to pitch up with a car or van of your own – or even a barbecue. Just a six-pack of beer and a willingness to share should see you right for the pre-game activities. Both New York teams have been pretty hopeless in recent years. But even if the football is no good, the party will be.

Take in Madison Square Garden

The Garden can be found in the heart of Midtown and has been the setting for some of the biggest sports events ever. There has been more than one memorable world championship boxing bout staged here and thousands of other non-sports shows.

Hockey’s New York Rangers and the New York Knicks of the NBA both call MSG their home, so you might want to try to get a ticket to watch the action on the ice or court – or in the stands on a particularly lively night. But even if you cannot watch live sports in such an impressive arena, there are tours of the building where you can sample the place for yourself.

Have a Liquid Breakfast at a Bar

We mentioned before that every New Yorker seems to have an opinion on how the Mets/Yankees/Rangers/Knicks/Giants/Jets are getting on. If you really want to see where these opinions are formulated, you should enter one of the many sports bars that can be found on every block in the city.

The places will be packed out for the big events, but for a different New York sports fan experience, you should get there early on a weekend morning. Soccer is big in this city, and thousands of fans get the beers in early to catch the action from the big European leagues. Be prepared, though – it will be noisy, and you will be expected to drink like it is Friday night.

Watch The Horses at Belmont Park

Travel just east of New York City, where Queens blends into Long Island, and you will find Elmont, home of the world-famous Belmont Park. The place dates back to 1905 and has seen some of the biggest meetings in horse racing – including the annual Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the Triple Crown.

Belmont Park is typically open from April through July and September through October, so you should be able to enjoy some high-quality races if you are in the city at those times. The experience is definitely one to remember, but just make sure you sample the gourmet food and drink while you’re there.

Hang Out in The Neighborhood

We’ve already proved that experiencing sports in New York City does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money on a ticket for a game. You can have a great time just by visiting a bar. But there is plenty of action to catch even if you don’t drink. Just take some time to explore the neighborhood you are staying in.

From pick-up soccer games to neighborhood legends dunking on opponents, every area of New York has its places where the locals come and play their favorite sports. With so many cultures and people in the city, there is bound to be something you have never seen before. If you love sports, you just must make a trip to New York City.

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