Biden’s Approval Rating Drops to 39% The Day Before Elections

Biden’s approval rating has been up and down leading up to Election Day, but it hit a low of 39% just one day before elections took place.

Losing Faith

A Reuters/Ipsos poll was published on Monday, showing Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 39%. According to the poll, this low approval rating is reflective of the bipartisan election forecasters’ predictions that the Democratic Party will not emerge victorious after today’s elections.

Biden’s rising unpopularity is fanning the flames of the Republicans’ confidence in a “red wave.” Other polls have already predicted that Republicans will take back control of the House, but now some are even saying they have a real shot at the Senate as well.

On Monday, the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics predicted that Republicans would easily take the House, picking up a net of 24 seats, and will win the Senate by a narrow margin. Winning control of even one of the chambers would give Republicans the power to stop Biden’s agenda in its tracks.

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Set Up To Fail

Biden took office in January 2021 and inherited not just the presidency but also the baggage of a global pandemic and rising inflation, which would eventually blow up into sky-high consumer goods prices, home prices, and interest rates.

In May and June, his approval rating fell to an all-time low of 36%. It has gained some ground since then, but a good chunk of his party has made it clear they would like to see a new candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

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What Voters Want

According to the poll, around 1/3 of respondents stated that the economy was the most important issue going into the midterm election. Roughly one in 10 said crime was the most important, and one in 15 said the biggest issue was the end of national abortion rights.

Breaking The Cycle

The Democrats are trying their best to break the cycle of the President’s party losing control of the House, the Senate, or both in their first term in office. Unfortunately for them, it seems as though Republicans will take back control of the House, though the Senate is still up for debate.

Although Democratic candidates have attempted to focus on abortion rights and the “threat to democracy” in their campaigns, polls have consistently shown that voters care more about the economy and inflation.

Downhill Spiral

These low approval rating numbers are nothing new for Biden. Three weeks before the election, another Reuters/Ipsos poll put his approval rating at 40%, not much better than where he is currently.

Biden tried to rally Democratic voters around abortion rights and his pledges to protect them. Unfortunately, with the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade five months ago, that pledge has lost a lot of water.

As long as Democrats can hold onto Congress, Biden said that he would be signing legislation to codify abortion rights in January.

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