Bomb Cyclone Pummeling U.S. West Coast, San Francisco Be Ready

An extreme weather phenomenon known as a “bomb cyclone” has just reached the western coast of the United States, aiming to make a direct hit in the San Francisco Bay area and surrounding communities.

California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency Wednesday as residents prepared for record-breaking rain, hurricane-force winds and possible loss of power for as long as the storm occupies the area. The worst of the bomb cyclone is slated to occur throughout Wednesday evening into Thursday.

Twitter users around the U.S. have taken to social media to chime in with their thoughts on this unusual weather activity, and in true Twitter fashion, their comments ranged from funny to serious to sarcastic – and everywhere in between.

If anybody was curious about what a “bomb cyclone” actually is, this user helpfully drops some helpful information onto his Twitter timeline:

Before the storm intensified, it was classified as an atmospheric river. That particular transformation happened way too fast for this user:

User StephanieAsmit2 took the time to pass along some heartfelt well-wishes to anybody in the northern California area:

This particular user says this storm is nothing to joke about – and she’s right, it’s slated to be one of the biggest and most dangerous storms in recent California history.

It’s better if you read this tweet out loud in a deadpan Aubrey Plaza voice:

This California resident is woefully unprepared for the intense rain and winds that the bomb cyclone is certain to bring to his neighborhood:

California has been suffering through a nearly decade-long drought, and it looks like the bomb cyclone is giving the state the water it’s been requesting, as Twitter user Levine1445 helpfully points out:

User racsterls is bemoaning the fact that weather’s marketing department seems absolutely underfunded:

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