Bride-To-Be Demands That Her SIL Shave Her Legs

The practice of hair removal for women has been around since the early 20th century. It used to be a requirement to appear more “lady-like.” Now, of course, every woman gets to choose whether or not to shave the hair off her leg.

Or maybe not.

u/RipAffectionate55 asks if she’s wrong for asking her SIL to either shave her legs or cover them up if she wants to attend her wedding.

All About The Legs

OP’s brother’s wife, Elle, is a very beautiful and stylish woman. In OP’s words: “There’s nobody better when it comes to hair, makeup and outfits, and she has the best shoe collection I’ve ever seen.”

But OP’s SIL doesn’t shave and never has all the time OP has known her. She doesn’t do this because she wants to make a point. Rather she does it because she feels more beautiful and more “naturally feminine” without shaving.

OP also points out that Elle loves wearing short dresses that show her legs.


OP’s wedding is coming up in a month, and she asked Elle to either shave her legs this once or wear an outfit that covers her legs.

According to OP, she’s not making this request for herself. Rather, she’s worried that some family members will judge Elle and have a problem with her decision not to shave her legs. OP says, “I know this isn’t Elle’s fault, but I don’t want my wedding to be remembered for an argument about shaving legs, and those aunts will not forgive or forget if I just don’t invite them.”

Elle, on the other hand, has said she likes her legs and intends to keep them that way — unshaven, but she doesn’t mind covering them up, even though she feels upset by this. OP’s family (including her fiancé) thinks she overstepped by asking Elle to do this, but she feels she’s on the right track.

Your Wedding Your Rules … But Not About Someone Else’s Body

Few Redditors feel that it’s still her day, and so there’s nothing wrong in her asking Elle to shave her legs. u/ghostdaghost12 comments,

“NTA. your wedding you make the rules, if someone doesn’t want to follow the rules then they should not attend, easy really.”

To this, u/jrm1102 replies,

“You don’t get to make the rules about what people do with their own body.”

The majority of Redditors think that OP is TA. u/Assia_Penrym shares their thoughts on this, they believe that if Elle is just a guest, OP should leave it alone.

“YTA If she’s a guest, you leave it alone. This is the same as her having tattoos, piercings, or dyed hair. Her body, her choice. If she’s in the wedding party, choose long dresses.”

u/DinaFelice thinks that OP should be focused more on the bully aunts instead of Elle,

“You are telling me that you have relatives so rude that you fear they will pick a fight with a stranger at your wedding over body hair? And your solution is to tell their probable victim to wear a different outfit instead of talking to the bullies and telling them to behave themselves?

YTA. Look, I personally believe that our society has an implicit rule about body hair at formal events (hence the double standard between men and women). So I don’t usually shave and I usually wear long dresses. But at the end of the day, that’s my choice. So even though you can have an overall dress code without being an AH, dictating the minutiae of someone else’s outfit/grooming is always AH-ish.”

Another Redditor, u/FormalGuard3400, thinks that OP’s request is ridiculous and insulting,

“YTA. Your request is right up there with all the Bridezillas who demand people cut/colour their hair and/or lose weight to “make wedding pictures pretty.”

Are you also telling ALL OTHER women to shave their bodies for your big day? All men to shave their beards/chests/armpits?

Your request is ridiculous and insulting. Get a grip.”

The leading consensus on Reddit is that OP is TA and should leave Elle alone. The choice to shave or not to shave, in this case, is a personal one, and most people don’t appreciate being told what to do with their bodies.

But it’s her wedding day, and OP thinks there’s nothing wrong with asking Elle to bend one rule. Do you agree with her, or is it something that’s totally not up for debate?

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