“Eight is Enough” Star, Adam Rich, Dead at 54, Fans Pay Tribute

In the 1970s a TV show hit the airwaves and changed Tuesday night television for much of America. ABC featured “Eight is Enough,” and overnight several actors became household names. One of those actors was Adam Rich, who played the Bradford family’s youngest son, Nicholas.

Family members confirmed the news to TMZ, but the cause of death is still unknown at this time. That hasn’t stopped fans, however, from paying tribute to the well-known actor.

TMZ posted a tweet about the actor’s passing.

@BonitaDomEnergy was ‘sad to hear’ about ‘America’s little brother,’ passing.

@Juanderful4Life thought Rich’s character stood out as he was the only one who was ‘still a kid’ when the show aired.

@MomWalts hopes Rich can ‘rest in peace.’

Some commenters tried to make his death political.

@JPeterman1287 thinks the ‘vaccine’ is certainly to blame.

Other posters tried to speculate on ‘Hollywood’s’ drug overdose issue.

@FootballPghGuy wondered if Rich’s death was caused by the Hollywood ‘kiss of death.’

In a reply to a post by @JoJofromJerz, user @fwaaa1 had this to say.

Another poster @LynnLousie13 hopes ‘his memory will be a blessing.’

@GadflyDer thought mental illness might have played a part in Rich’s death.

@RobMDem shared a memory of meeting Rich once.

@holdtheolives shared a personal note about the actor.

@rich_buckeye thought Rich was a ‘true pioneer for mental health advocacy.’

Despite the fact that Adam Rich is best known for a late seventies comedy-drama, it seems his fans reach far and wide. His life may have ended on a sad note, but his memory will bring warmth, smiles and stories for years to come. May he rest in peace.

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