Frequently Asked Questions

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What is JoGoCash ?

JoGoCash is an influencer and affiliate network that enables people and businesses to work with and pay micro-influencers for marketing-related activives, brand awareness, and product promotions. Here, individuals work together to perform digital tasks, promote campaigns, and receive monetary incentives. We also work as a community to press for good economic change for African entrepreneurs, companies, and citizens in general. Members have access to apply for various digital jobs that are listed on the site, and if jobs or tasks are successfully done, they are paid a good commission. Affiliates make money by helping us spread the word about our platform and brand.

How do i get started on JoGoCash ?

All you need to do to get started on JoGoCash is to sign-up for any of our paid membership plans which allows you to perform tasks only (The Basic Plan), or perform tasks and create tasks (The Silver, Gold, and Diamond Plan).

Become a member and you're good to go!

Who post surveys on JoGoCash ?

Surveys are not posted directly to JoGoCash. However, we have affiliated with most of the survey sites that we serve as a gateway to, and we can vouch for their credibility and integrity in doing business. If you're interested in surveys as an added means of income then proceed to any of the survey platforms we recommend by visiting the survey page 

Who post task on JoGoCash ?

JoGoCash tasks are created by promoters (users who subscribed to our business plans i.e the silver, gold or diamond plan).

These promoters are entirely responsible for the content they create as tasks, as included in the business terms and conditions. (All illicit and or unauthorized content, business etc are not allowed on JoGoCash, according to the governing laws of the federal republic of Nigeria).

How do I get paid for a task or job and what are the rates like ?

Payments for tasks and jobs are automatically sent into your withdrawable wallet balance, upon task completion. However,  these payments will be pending untill the task execution is confirmed by the promoter (task creator)

About the rates, you could get a minimum of N4 for the simplest/easiest tasks and a maximum of N15 for complex and more time-taking tasks. 

Where and how do I track my earnings for jobs and task ?

Your earnings for tasks can be found at the dashboard under the column that says "Tasks points".  Go to your dashboard to see your task earnings 

What is JoGoCash business

JoGoCash business is the aspect of jogocash that allows regular people, business owners, influncers, marketers and others to create tasks and jobs for our wealth of users who are ever ready to perform this task. Through our task system, JoGoCash business users can promote anything with ease, from sending people to perform simple social media task to promoting a product or service online.

How and why should I pay for a JoGoCash business account ?

You should take the rare opportunity we offer with JoGoCash business because it's the best, most efficient, most cost-effective and affordable means of promotion in the African online space. With a minimum price of NGN5,600 to create 5 tasks daily for 30 days, and a maximum price of NGN10,600 to create 20 tasks daily for a month, Jogocash is the best promotional tool on the Nigerian/African online space.

How to Get Started

Visit this page to learn more and get started.

Why should I become an affiliate?

Because people are earning big time from this aspect of JoGoCash and you don't want to be left behind. Since our business offerings depend on the influx of more and more users who can perform tasks for promoters, we are always in need of more users.

find out more here

How is the affiliate commission calculated ?

We pay a minimum of NGN1,000 and a maximum of NGN2,000(except on special arrangements if you are a super affiliate) to affiliates whenever someone they referred activates or upgrades his or her account.

1. You can promote your unique link by promoting and sharing it with your friends, groups and communities on social media. 

2. You can promote or share your link through word-of-mouth. Telling anyone who cares to listen of the opportunities in JoGoCash.

3. You can send emails.

4. If you have a website or a blog and you have a good userbase, then make a post about JoGoCash on your platform asking people to join us then include your affiliate URL or referral link in the post so people can register through you.

How do I withdraw commissions ?

You can withdraw commissions directly into your bank account, whenever you want to.  Withdrawals are automatic but in rear cases, the withdrawal payment may take up to 24 hrs. users'(Delay usually caused by the user's bank) The minimum daily withdrawable amount is NGN500. The maximum is NGN1,000,000

Is JoGoCash deals worth my time ?

The simple answer is YES.

  1. we don't disappoint.
  2. we pay on time.
  3. we always fulfil our own part of the bargain.

How do I contact support ?

 Reach us on social media, via email, on-site through LiveChat.

Visit the contact page for more information 

Couldn't Find an Answer ?

 Click on the chat icon on your screen to chat with one of our support team members or fill in the contact form to get in touch. 

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Couldn't Find an Answer ?

 Click on the chat icon on your screen to chat with one of our support team members or fill in the contact form to get in touch. 

We Respond on Time !
Enter your details then tell us about your problems and hit the submit button.
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