Nectar Wellness Introduces Science Into Your CBD and Cannabis Products

If there is but one universally agreed-upon fact regarding cannabis, it’s that not all cannabis products are created equal.

This is doubly true as far as Bob Mordini and Ian Allen, managing partners of Nectar Wellness Company, are concerned. The duo forged the Nectar Wellness’s brand of cannabis products to create a best-in-class natural alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals.

It’s easy to assume that a natural remedy directly opposes traditional medicines’ science; however, that couldn’t be further from what Nectar has in mind. Instead, the Denver-based team relies heavily on science to create products that are high-quality, consistently effective, and offer users a positive experience time and time again.

The end result? Nectar Wellness’s Supercharged technology, the basis for their one-of-a-kind product line, stands out among the competition.

“We have results that validate why people feel better, more efficacy, a better high, a better experience, and less pain across the board. And we’ve figured out how to validate that by utilizing brain mapping techniques and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer readings of different energy influences at a molecular level,” says Mordini.

Nectar Wellness’s Approach

Nectar Wellness’ approach is shared by others working in the CBD space, including Justin DeAngelis, Chief Strategy Officer for Rhino Biotech, Inc and Chief Operations Officer for Evoke Illinois.

“The increasing use of topical and sublingual CBD is due to its proven efficacy in pain control, backed by evidence instead of just anecdotal reports. CBD companies are now emphasizing the need to prove efficacy. The expansion of the medical toolbox to include safe, low-side-effect compounds like CBD as a non-opioid option for pain management is inevitable,” says DeAngelis.

“Medical professionals, especially those in surgery, need to balance pain treatment with known side effects and addiction risks. There is no evidence of addiction risk with CBD.”

To appreciate what sets Nectar Wellness apart, it’s essential first to understand why cannabis affects the human body in the first place. The body contains the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, an extensive network of chemical signals and receptors that exist in the brain and help regulate our body’s systems.

Molecules called endocannabinoids stimulate the receptors. Structurally, endocannabinoids are not dissimilar to those found in the cannabis plant.

“If our endocannabinoid system is off, the rest of our body is off,” Mordini explains.

The High Quality CBD Products

Nectar Wellness’s online store currently offers a wide assortment of high quality CBD products that help with everything from pain relief to anxiety and insomnia. However, Mordini and Allen have several Supercharged THC products in the works and aim to have those available for sale in 2023.

“Since we’ve had incredible formulations and technology that works for all cannabinoids, we started applying the technology to the THC cannabinoid as well, eliciting incredible results that are backed by empirical data,” says Mordini.

The cannabis plant comprises various parts, each of which has a role to play in the development and efficacy of cannabis products. For Nectar Wellness, cannabis’s purpose is to help people with various ailments and regulatory needs. By utilizing the science and technology behind the plant, Nectar aims to do it better than the rest.

While many emphatically champion using CBD and THC as natural remedies, some have preconceived notions or misconceptions about cannabis. One of the most popular myths is that all cannabis products induce a high, and while Nectar Wellness has a line of THC products in the works, they also recognize that those products aren’t for everyone.

The Mission

Where other brands may lean strictly on advertising to sell their products, Nectar emphasizes education more. In the internet age, the duo behind Nectar Wellness encourages those curious about using cannabis products to educate themselves to form their own opinions.

“Our mission on a deeper level is to have the research and development behind our brand backing what we do,” says Allen.

To understand what sets Nectar apart from other cannabis brands, one must look to science.

“With over 25 years of experience in the THC and CBD industries across multiple legal markets and countries, I was initially skeptical of Nectar Wellness’s proprietary “supercharged” technology due to the frequent use of similar claims in the “specialty cannabis products” advertising industry,” says DeAngelis.

“That being said, after personally experiencing the product, it was the very best in its class in every aspect. The upcoming University trials and review of technology and trade secret reports (IP) confirm Nectar Wellness’s “Supercharged™ Technology” as superior in quality, safety, and efficacy compared to other cannabinoid products.”

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

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