New Flights, Hotels Fuel a Trending New Caribbean Destination for U.S. Travelers

Curaçao: it’s more than just your favorite fruity drink. With the number of US-based travelers to Curaçao expected to grow by 20% in 2023, it’s also a vibrant Caribbean island set to be the next trending travel destination for American sunseekers.

Even after shattering all-time visitor records last year, this dazzling island shows no signs of losing its luster as the new gem of the Caribbean. Why? Its white sand beaches, world-class diving, and colorful architecture are only a tiny part of the picture.

Brand-New Routes and Better-Than-Ever Rooms

Located in the southern Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela, the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao isn’t a likely vacation getaway for travelers from the United States. With well-established Caribbean destinations like the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico just quick flights from the U.S. mainland, Curaçao has yet to be on the radar.

However, shifting travel trends and a significant revitalization of the island’s tourism infrastructure make Curaçao more attractive than ever.

Travelers have more choices than ever for staying in Curaçao. A slew of major resorts are reopening after refurbishments, and a number of international chains are debuting luxurious new hotels.

Major resorts like the Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort and Dreams Curaçao Resort, Spa and Casino recently underwent major refurbishments and are now back and better than ever. Sandals recently developed a presence on the island, completely transforming an existing resort into an exceptional adults-only escape, Sandals Royal Curaçao.

The newer Mangrove Beach Corendon Curaçao All-Inclusive Resort, Curio by Hilton, and Wyndham’s Kunuku Aqua Resort added even more accommodation options. Both are ready to welcome first-time travelers and long-time Curaçao visitors alike.

What’s more, JetBlue is set to increase flights from New York City to the Caribbean island this spring from three to five times a week to meet the growing demand from U.S. travelers.

“2022 was a record-breaking year. As of November [2022], total U.S. arrivals exceeded our goals, achieving 152% of our target visitors out of the U.S. market, and we are confident this upcoming year will continue on that path.

“These additional flights are a testament to that,” says Ruisandro Cijntje, Curaçao’s Minister of Economic Development. “It’s a sign of Curaçao’s burgeoning popularity and of much more to come.”

A Curated Curaçao Experience

Accommodations and flights are just a few ways that Curaçao is pulling out all the stops to welcome travelers. The tourism board has worked tirelessly to share stories about the island’s one-of-a-kind cultural events, thriving foodie scene, and unique mix of cultural influences that set it apart from other Caribbean spots.

In fact, this is many travelers’ favorite part of a visit to Curaçao. Recent US-based traveler John Dealbreuin shared about his trip to the island, “the culture in Curaçao was unique and interesting, with a mix of Dutch, Afro-Caribbean, Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese influences that made it feel like a whole different world.”

Another unique way to attract travelers? Curaçao introduced a digital nomad visa in early 2021 to welcome remote workers, investors, and snowbirds to the island for an extended stay with benefits.

Crazy for Curaçao

With everything from historic colonial forts to a growing arts scene, it’s no wonder travelers are falling in love with Curaçao, whether they stay for a few days or a season. The island also boasts award-winning beaches, among the best beaches in the Caribbean. Curaçao’s 35 beaches range from stretches of powdery sand flanked by impressive resorts to hidden coves perfect for cliff diving.

Wherever you post up for lazy beachside afternoons, you’ll find incredible snorkeling and diving, much of it just off the beach. Perched above a stunning fringing reef considered among the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean, Curaçao is renowned for its incredible beauty beneath the waves.

If, like many travelers, the only thing that came to mind about Curaçao until recently was the fruity blue liquor that bears the island’s name, fear not – you’ll certainly find that here, too. Visitors can even tour the distillery at the historic Landhuis Chobolobo, still easily one of the most popular things to do in Curaçao.

The Perfectly Hidden Hotspot

Curaçao has something special that more well-known Caribbean travel destinations just don’t: that exciting, indescribable “off-the-beaten-path” feeling. Even as demand continues to grow and visitor numbers continue to rise, Curaçao feels like a gem where more popular Caribbean destinations feel hopelessly overrun.

With Skift reporting that 70% of Gen Z and Millennial travelers prioritize seeing unique and off-the-beaten-path travel destinations and experiences, it’s no wonder that Curaçao seems poised to be the new darling of the Caribbean.

That hidden gem quality is more than just a feeling, too. “While welcoming new visitors, we remain dedicated to preserving that which makes our island so desirable – a place you can immerse yourself in our local art, culture, cuisine, sunshine, and adventure – and we look forward to welcoming new visitors eager for something exceptional and sharing the beauty of our island,” said Cijntje.

Curaçao has much more to offer than your standard beach destination – but if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll find it here, too.

This article was produced by Explorers Away and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.

Carley Rojas Avila is an avid traveler, writer, and creator behind Home to Havana. Having traveled to twenty-five countries and spent years living abroad, she shares destination guides, travel tips, and hacks to help travelers and digital nomads feel at home when traveling off the beaten path, whether their travels take them to Havana or beyond.

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