Satisfy Your Cravings with These Delicious Snack Subscription Boxes

Experts predict the subscription box industry will skyrocket to 19.8 billion dollars by 2026.

Even before the Covid lockdowns, subscription boxes were on the rise, increasing more than 100% from their introduction in 2013. At last count, in 2021, more than 10,000 different boxes were available.

If you are searching for the perfect snack subscription box to deliver your monthly treats, there are numerous options for you to try. Typically, snack subscription boxes have a theme but can also focus on sweet or savory snacks. You can choose from healthy and organic options to international snacks and treats.

From cultural snacks to boxes filled with unique candy, the snack subscription box of your dreams is out there.

Universal Yums

If you’ve been looking for a subscription box serving snacks worldwide, look no further than Universal Yums. It takes you on a worldwide snack adventure from sweet to savory and from London to Brazil.

Each month, Universal Yums offers snacks from a particular country and sometimes a themed box that takes you worldwide. It gives you the option of a monthly or annual plan, and you can choose if you want a small or large box.

Some examples of past snacks in Universal Yums boxes include Soft Peanut Candy from Brazil, Chocolate Covered Apricot Jellies from Austria, and Fried Egg and Sea Salt Flavored Chips from Spain. You also get a booklet explaining their cultural significance along with your treats. If you want to try snacks from different countries without leaving your home, Universal Yums is the perfect choice for you.


The cost of the Universal Yums boxes depends on how many snacks you would like included in your monthly package.

  • Yum Box: $15 per month (5-7 snacks)
  • Yum Yum Box: $26 per month (10-12 snacks)
  • Super Yum Box: $41 per month (15-18 snacks and a unique drink)

Candy Club

Candy Club is a subscription box that allows you to receive delicious specialty candies delivered straight to your door. From sour to sweet, Candy Club releases various curated candies each month.

If you love candies, each box includes premium candies that can range from classic favorites to new and trendy treats. You can even customize your box based on your preferences. Many consider Candy Club the best available candy snack box on the market.

Candy Club also has a shop where people can come and purchase individual candies or gift boxes.

Some examples of Candy Club candies include delicious Cookie Dough Bites, colorful Rainbow Laces, cute pink and purple Blush Bears, and adorable Peach Hearts.


Each box is the same price; the candies just differ.

  • Party On: $29.99 monthly plus shipping (mostly sour)
  • Self-Care Sweets: $29.99 monthly plus shipping (mostly sweets)
  • Spring Thing: $29.99 monthly plus shipping (mostly sweets)
  • Garden Party: $29.99 monthly plus shipping (mostly sour)


Bokksu is a snack subscription box specializing in authentic Japanese sweet and savory snacks. With each snack included, you will learn what region of Japan the snack came from and its history. Each month, you will get a taste of traditional and contemporary Japanese treats, including seasonal items and hard-to-find snacks.

Some examples of past snacks provided in Bokksu subscription boxes include sweet Nagasaki Gosanyaki Castella Cake, savory Lucky Mentai Mayo Okaki Rice Crackers, and delicious Handmade Sakura Milk Candy.


You can choose monthly, quarterly, half-of-the-year, or yearly plans depending on your budget. You also have the option to purchase individual snack boxes or gift subscriptions for your friends and family.

  • 1-Month Plan: $49.99 per month
  • 3-Month Plan: $45.99 per month (you save $12)
  • 6-Month Plan: $43.99 per month (you save $36)
  • 12-Month Plan: $39.99 per month (you save $120)

Tokyo Treat

Like Bokksu, Tokyo Treat is a subscription box that centers on providing Japanese treats to curious snackers worldwide. These snacks are less culturally important than Bokksu’s offerings and focus more on fun.

The boxes, such as the upcoming Sakura Picnic Party Box, are also themed. You can find fun Pokemon-themed snacks, gummies, and Japanese-exclusive KitKat varieties from Tokyo Treat.

Other examples of prior Tokyo Treat offerings include Strawberry Pocky, Special Japanese Fanta, and exclusive Pringles flavors.


Like Bokksu, you can sign up for a monthly, quarterly, six months, or annual Plan.

  • 1-Month Plan: $37.50
  • 3-Month Plan: $35.50
  • 6-Month Plan: $33.50
  • 12-Month Plan: $32.50


Fitsnack is a monthly subscription box that provides healthy, GMO-free snacks. Many healthy snacks included are high in protein and low in sugar and highlight organic products. The branding and general theming of Fitsnack focus on tasty snacks that fuel your body rather than a cultural or “type” of snack.

Prior Fitsnack boxes included yummy, healthy snacks such as No Junk, Hormone-Free Jerky, Beanitos Bean Chips, Runa Clean Energy Drinks, and IPS Chips with Protein.


Like any other subscription box, you can sign up for any plans.

  • 1-Month Plan: $29.90
  • 3-Month Plan: $28.90
  • 6-Month Plan: $27.90
  • 12-Month Plan: $26.90

Time to Start Snacking

Snack subscriptions give people a convenient and fun way to try delicious new snacks. Each snack subscription box has appealing reasons for trying them, from cultural ties to candy-filled craziness. It’s exciting to see so many options for snacking that are highly curated and focus on providing a unique snacking experience.

The potential for happy snacking is seemingly endless, but some may interest you more than others.

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