What Makes a Sandwich Go From Boring To Amazing

Everyone loves a good sandwich for lunch. But even we admit having the same thing every day can get boring after awhile.

Even the best sandwich artists can get ingredient block sometimes. Thankfully, Reddit has a myriad of suggestions on how to make sandwiches great again.

Bread and Butter Are Components That Carry a Sandwich.

“Good quality bread, and real butter,” user Toblerone05 mentioned. “Once you’ve got those two elements properly nailed down the filling is almost irrelevant.”

Some users up their bread game by making their own. “I’ve been baking sourdough loaves recently,” user courtneyshove wrote. “A grilled cheese on sourdough is so much better than a grilled cheese on normal sandwich bread from the store.”

The type of butter is key for some folks. “Grass-fed butter, like Kerrygold or the Costco grass-fed stuff, tastes soooo much better,” said user loop1960.

Toasty Bits or Not Toasty Bits?

To toast or not to toast was a question dived into by multiple commenters. “Seasoning and toasting the bread can seriously elevate a sandwich,” said commenter lovelyteaparty.

“I like boring sandwiches, but toasting the bread 100% improves them. Especially if there is cheese on the sandwich.” user Hawntir added.

To Salt or Not to Salt?

Salt bae commenters are all about the seasonings.

Some, like user chiefrebelangel_ were more general about their salt preferences. “Salt and pepper on the sandwich in general (if it’s savory)” they said. Another user mentioned the importance not only to season the sandwich, but to remember to do that to your tomatoes first before putting them in the sandwich.

“Always season your tomatoes before sandwiching,” user BigShoots left as their personal #lifehack sandwich moment.

Specific Ingredients Are Key for Some Sandwich Fanatics.

Ingredients make the sandwich right? Users dropped their favorites in the thread too. “Pickled peppers, pepperchini” were user brushpickerjoe‘s pick.

Pickles, specifically sliced pickels hit fan favorites too.”Garlic dill pickle slices” did it for user Pretend-Ad-7528.

Chicago Sandwich Folks Relish Their Relishes.

“Hot giardiniera” was mentioned by user FraudARG as being their sandwich love. Others familiar with the beloved Chicago relish agreed that this ingredient has been a game changer. “I have lived in Chicago all my life but never tried giardiniera till I met my husband.” user JPKtoxicwaste jumped in. “Now it goes on everything. Sandwich, pizza, a plain spoon. Truly life-changing”

Sauces Are The Secret Sandwich Sauce.

From dressing to oils and other condiments, the sauces might not be all of what makes a sandwich but they are a big part of it.

“However you choose to get oil/vinegar on your sandwich will always elevate it.” user FrostByte_62 said. ”

“Yes, any kind of sauce or seasoning!”SpicyRice99 exclaimed. “I’ll add pesto to that list.” they added.

Shapes Matter.

The shape of the sandwich can make a sandwich more amazing. It can potentially give folks a nostalgic feeling from their childhood. Are you a triangle kid or do you cut your sandwiches differently? “Cutting it in half, diagonally,” was user grantnel2002‘s preference. “Triangles taste better,” user funkmandu added.

Of course, there was one user with a questionable name that felt that not only was it about moms making sandwiches but, in pure Reddit troll glory there was mention that perhaps your mom makes the sandwiches. And well, according to them, everyone knows that.

Help With Preparation Is a Bonus.

Nerds familiar with the XKCD webcomic will infamously remember how great it is to have someone make you a sandwich. Some of us would love for it to be as simple as saying a phrase such as “sudo make me a sandwich” to make that reality happen. Someone else doing the work for you is a peak note in taking your sandwich from boring to amazing.

While it’s not known if user unclebobsplayground was familiar with the comic, they did seem to agree. The best part of an awesome sandwich is, “someone else making it.” This naturally brought others happy to agree.

“I actually saw an article years ago about some study where they basically confirmed this.” user Palazzo505 confirmed as he dived further into his findings. “Smelling and handling the ingredients before eating the sandwich reduced cravings for and appreciation of the finished product, similar to how the fourth or fifth bite is less exciting than the first because you’ve gotten used to it.”

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