Why Is The Government Worried About TikTok When Facebook Has Been Selling Data for Years

All social media platforms are the same. I’m yet to join TikTok, not because I’m a non-conformist, but because I can get the same short-form video content from Instagram reels. However, I’m not blind to the numerous concerns about the private data security on the platform, especially from the American government.

Recently, in an online forum, a member questions the government’s worry because Instagram and Facebook have also been selling private data for over a decade. Here is what people online have to say about this matter as well as their concerns.

Is China The Problem?

A considerable percentage of TikTok data is potentially available to the Chinese government. For example, one viewer claims China can access people’s real-time locations, which makes stalking and surveillance easy.

Others online are worried China can target people’s locations with missiles, drone strikes, or assassins if they need to silence a particular person.

TikTok’s algorithm is one of the best, as it accurately predicts viewing habits and people’s opinions. Unfortunately, thus, it’s easy to spread propaganda targeted at specific people.

It’s a Very Different Situation

There’s a massive difference between how things are run in the free world and in an authoritarian state. Somebody says that companies like Facebook only sell bits of data to their users without granting full database access. They limit access to a few people in the corporate structure, and if the US government insisted on having full access, they petition the move.

On the other hand, the Chinese government has an authoritarian rule requiring companies to grant the government access to all data whenever requested. They can do this secretly, without any public attention.

TikTok Is a Digital Trojan Horse

Most people think TikTok is about silly cat videos and dance routines, but it’s not. Another contributor online writes that TikTok reports to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The fact that they can reach more than half of the American population is a genuine concern.

They also claim there is concern about US military members who go live on TikTok and that they might accidentally share sensitive information.

Any viewer can get their name from their uniform or ask for more information about their job. Then they can piece these tiny bits of data and create valuable intel. Unfortunately, governments have the resources to dig up much more information, posing a threat to national security.

TikTok Promotes Brainwashing

How often have you tried a recipe just because you saw it on TikTok? Leave alone harmless things like dances and recipes; we all know someone who gets life advice from the app.

Several commenters in the online forum agree that the data TikTok collects can be used to steer public thinking. Giving a foreign power a chance to control what Americans think is a security threat.

It’s a Smokescreen

One individual suggests that the US government is concerned about TikTok because they cannot control TikTok. For example, the platform cannot censor a story at their request as Facebook does.

The US Government Is Not Alone

The US government is one of many governments that have expressed their worry over TikTok. A person online notes that China has a history of spying on people, especially in the US. They tried using ZTE phones, Huawei, and now TikTok is their latest invention.

What do you think? Should the US ban TikTok?

This thread inspired this post.

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